About Us

Who We Are



Parents have been trusting Pollywogs To Speckled Frogs Child Care and Preschool to take care of their Daycare, Child education and Quality Childcare needs for many years. Our loving and dedicated staff not only ensure the children in their care are safe and happy, but also help them in their development through educational games and activities. Here is some basic information about our company please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about our childcare services, or if you have any questions.

Our Philosophy

We believe that childcare should reflect and establish the skills and talents necessary for each child to reach his/her full potential, while feeling loved and secure. Our teaching methods will reflect a high regard for each child's uniqueness with respect and understanding of societal and cultural diversity. This is done with a sensitive and caring staff that works in collaboration with parents and families. Studies confirm the importance of a strong bond between home and childcare setting; therefore we value a partnership with our parents and families.


Our Team

Pollywogs To Speckled Frogs Child Care and Preschool is dedicated to employing only the very best daycare providers Standish has to offer. Each and every one of our staff is highly trained, certified and experienced in child care. Furthermore, every member of our team has the love and dedication that is required to successfully and efficiently run a childcare center. Pollywogs To Speckled Frogs Child Care and Preschool employs only the most responsible, professional and capable individuals, making us the number one Standish childcare provider.


Please feel free to contact us or visit our Standish daycare center for more information.


From Parents

Pollywogs To Speckled Frogs Child Care and Preschool has such high standards in his childcare facilities, that they have only the best staff working in them. They have found perfect care workers who truly love what they do, and who live and breath for the children they care for. My son has been with Pollywogs To Speckled Frogs Child Care and Preschool for three years, and I have watched him blossom into a happy, sensitive and caring little boy with confidence in himself.
- C.T.